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Pay with Purpose!

Contribute 2-20% of your everyday transactions to Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren when you pay with Benefit!

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  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Nike
  • Walmart
  • Adidas
  • Airbnb
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Delta
  • Home Depot
  • Safeway
  • Under Armour
See the app in action

Benefit is a mobile payments app that supports Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren through your everyday transactions. Shop at America's leading national retailers in-store and online. At checkout simply use the Benefit app to pay. Each transactions sends 2-20% of your total purchase to Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren!

See Benefit In Action
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Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren is headquartered in Bristol, TN, but ministers to thousands around the country and the world. Our objective is getting you into a deeper relationship with Christ and providing a community to support and encourage each other as we follow Him. Sunnybrook is a place you can belong no matter your past mistakes, background, money, social status, or anything else. You won’t be met with any shame, guilt, or condemnation here. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have, Sunnybrook is a place where you’ll find the grace, mercy, and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone. HOW ARE THESE FUNDS USED? Funds from Benefit Mobile are used to fund our many outreach programs. These include; Sunday at Sunnybrook, a nationwide TV program, radio station 106.5 WKJV, various children and youth programs, as well as outreach programs that minister throughout the nation and the world. Please join us in our mission to serve Christ.

How to Pay With Purpose

Download the app

1 Download & Support

Download the app, create an account and we'll preselect Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren as your supported cause.

Set up a Payment Method

2 Set up a Payment Method

Add a credit card or checking account once and never have to worry about it again.

Shop & Pay with Benefit

3 Shop & Pay with Benefit

Type in the dollar amount down to the penny, and instantly be delivered a barcode and card number for immediate in-store or online checkout.

Earn & Give
Earn & Give

4 Earn & Give

Between 2-20% of the total transaction will go to support your chosen cause. Not a dime is spent beyond what you were already going to spend and you've made a difference in someone's life.

How much can you earn?

Here is a quick rundown of what you can contribute on a weekly basis using Benefit for your everyday purchases.

Woman outside smiling at mobile device

Earn over $1000 annually from your everyday spend.

A Week of Shopping

  • 3 Caramel Lattes at Starbucks (6%)$1.44
  • New Jeans at Banana Republic (9%)$6.14
  • Odds and Ends at Target (3%)$6.75
  • Family Movie at AMC Theaters (6%)$2.52
  • Quickstop at Panera Bread (8%)$3.42

Questions & Answers

Benefit is a pre-paid mobile payments platform that empowers individuals to give to the things that matter most through their everyday transactions.

Benefit works by purchasing gift cards and instantly redeeming directly from your phone as a method of payment. This can be done at home while shopping online or in-store in the checkout lane. Every purchase results in a percentage of the transaction being contributed to the cause of your choice. You pay and Benefit gives. Where it goes is up to you.

You can take a look at this video for a deeper look.

First, download the Benefit app from the app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will create your Benefit account with your email and chosen password. Select the beneficiary you’d like to support, and set up your payment method. Then, you’re ready to buy!

Navigate to the “Retailers” section of the main menu where you can view our 160+ options. Once you’ve selected a retailer, type the amount you’d like to purchase into the app. When you click “Buy”, the designated percentage will be contributed to your cause, and Benefit will generate a gift card for you on the spot.

Benefit takes payment security seriously. We want our customers to have absolute confidence in how we handle their private payment information. We do not store your credit card information in the app or on our servers. Benefit partners with your financial institution and follows all standard security protocols that you would for any other transaction.

For users? Nothing! There is no cost to you! You make the same purchases you would normally and don’t spend an extra dime.

For causes? It is completely free to sign up as a beneficiary with Benefit. All funds raised in the Benefit app go back to the beneficiary minus our cost to process the eCheck, which is $1 for each eCheck sent. We do not charge fees such as sign up fee, annual fee, etc. So, if your supporters raise $500, you will get an eCheck for $499.

The beautiful thing about Benefit is there are no charges for the organizations or the donor/shopper to use the app and reporting tool. All transaction costs are handled on the backend and what you see in the app is exactly what you earn for your chosen cause (with the exception of causes choosing to have a check sent)

The only fees associated with Benefit are as follows:

Monthly Check Fee

Benefit charges a $1 fee for all monthly checks sent to causes as well as individuals supporting their own life expenses. This is for the administration and delivery of the check. So, if monthly donations from all individuals total $200, Benefit issues a check to that cause for $199. If you're an eScrip related group, your funds are direct deposited, and the $1 fee is not applicable. Direct deposit options are coming soon.

Bounced Check Fee

When a purchase is made within the app using a checking account there is a $20 bounced check fee that is applied if the account comes back with insufficient funds. Benefit will contact the user, and attempt to withdraw the original amount again in 7 days, with the $20 fee included. If the second attempt to withdraw fails, this fee will be sent through a Paypal request to the email address associated with the user's account. It can be paid with either a credit card or checking account. The organization is not liable for bounced checks, or collecting funds. The fees apply to the user.

Here is a video about the process: How to add a payment method

1. You enter a checking account or credit card into the Benefit mobile app.

2. You are immediately notified that Benefit will place a small debit or credit (depending on your payment type) of less than $2. This amount is reimbursed to you within 2 business days.

For credit cards we place a small charge 24 hours after you added the card to the app.

For checking account we deposit two small amounts that we leave in your account. This typically appears on your bank statement within 1-4 days.

3. To use the app we ask that you login to your checking account or credit card statement, locate the small amount that we debited/credited and enter that total into the Benefit app. Doing so confirms that you have access to both the payment type AND the online account information.

4. Once the amount is entered into the app your account has been verified and you can begin purchasing cards. We will never ask for your payment information again for future purchases.

Credit cards on average cost about 3% of the overall transaction to process. In order to cover this cost Benefit has to lower the retailer rebates for users choosing to pay with credit card. Many of our users choose to use credit card knowing that while the Benefit rebates might be smaller they are also taking advantage of their credit cards rewards.

To get the most out of our platform we strongly encourage our users to choose to pay with a checking account to maximize their contributions to their chosen beneficiary. Doing so will add up to 3% more to the rebate across our entire retailer portfolio.

Credit limits are to protect us and our customers from potential fraud. Your credit limits will be raised over time as your payment history is established. Feel free to contact support anytime this presents an issue!

On the 20th of each month, an electronic check is created and sent to the causes specified payment email address, as long as your cause has raised at least $10. If you've raised less than $10, the funds roll over into the next month.

Redeeming a card is quite simple. Once you purchase a card you are instantly delivered a barcode and/or card number and pin directly in the app.

Simply show the cashier the phone and tell them you are paying with a gift card. Depending on the store's point of sale system they will either scan the barcode or manually type the card number and pin in.

Once the transaction is complete be sure to collect your receipt! In some cases the Benefit app is not able to automatically update the balance on your gift card. In those cases, simply tap the update balance button below the card and enter the remaining balance as it shows on your receipt.

For additional instruction tap the “Info” tab on each retailer card. There you will find the full terms and conditions on the card as well as redemption instructions.

Be aware that there are a few retailers that require a print out of the gift card. You will see a warning message in the "Buy a new card" screen. These retailers do not have the ability to type in a gift card number on their registers, and they require the paper. While this is inconvenient, the demand outweighs the struggle. Retailers who are a bit behind in technology are working to catch up by updating registers to enable the ability to scan a phone.

Access to the Benefit mobile app on your phone is protected by a PIN number, but be sure to contact us to suspend your account and take any next steps necessary.

The Benefit mobile app has a few uniquely coded errors to help us better solve account or app issues. See details here at our mobile app knowledgebase.

Support Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren by Paying with Purpose!

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