How It Works

Benefit is a pre-paid mobile wallet that gives to the things that matter most all within the context of your normal everyday shopping.

Give to the things that matter most.

With Benefit you purchase digital gift cards and are instantly delivered a barcode or card number for in-store mobile redemption. Instead of a typical credit card where the entire purchase price goes to the retailer, the Benefit app pushes a discounted amount to the cause of your choice. It might be a school, local non-profit, or your own personal life expenses. The choice is yours! These discounts range anywhere from 3-25% of the total transaction so the contributions add up quickly.

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So how much can you save?

Support the things that matter most by buying books, shopping for your summer wardrobe, booking airline tickets or even indulging in a latte. The Benefit mobile app brings purpose to your fingertips, allowing you or your favorite school or non-profit to benefit on the spot from your everyday spend.

Contribute over $1000 annually just from your everyday spend.

A Week's Worth of Giving

  • 3 Caramel Lattes at Starbucks (6%)$1.44
  • New Jeans at Banana Republic (9%)$6.14
  • Odds and Ends at Target (3%)$6.75
  • Family Movie at AMC Theaters (6%)$2.52
  • Quickstop at Panera Bread (8%)$3.42

What you want, when you want.

The beauty of Benefit is that you can buy what you want, when you want, instantly. It seemingly fits right into your shopping experience and can be as spontanwous as you are. We’ll track your balances and keep you posted when new retailers are added to the app. So stop just paying for things and start paying with purpose!

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Get started with Benefit today!

If you’re tired of door-to-door sales, giant coupon books, and bake sales we invite you to try something new. There is no cost and no commitment. Just spread the word and we’ll do the rest.

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