Pay With Purpose

Every transaction results in a contribution. Where it goes is up to you.

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Schools, non-profits, boosters, churches and even you can raise funds while you shop. Find out how!
  • Gap
  • IHOP
  • Banana Republic
  • Lowes
  • Target
  • JC Penny
  • American Airlines
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon

Fund Life's Necessities

Life is expensive, whether it’s paying for healthcare, a mortgage bill, or your education. When you choose to fund life’s expenses Benefit gives a percentage of your everyday transactions back to you to apply to the things that matter most.

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Great For Fundraising!

Say goodbye to door-to-door sales, popcorn tins and wrapping paper. With Benefit schools and non-profits simply spread the word and we’ll do the rest. When your donors use the Benefit app 3-27% of their everyday transactions are directed to your cause.

Welcome to Frictionless Fundraising.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“It’s so easy to navigate as well as very clean and sleek. Nice work! I was just telling my husband that this app will change my life!”
- Carrie Scott, Parent
“I love that it's instant, that I don't have to carry cards around, & that it keeps track of balances. Also great for my out of town family to help with fundraising.”
- Heidi VanderVelde, Parent
“Benefit mobile has allowed me to be a conscious giver through purchases that I make for my family everyday. What a great opportunity I now have to help others with quick and easy purchases through Benefit. Thanks Benefit team!”
- Matthew Richardson, School Teacher
“Benefit allows our parents to contribute to their children’s tuition costs through their everyday shopping. And while it’s great for the parents it might be even better for our administrators, We just spread the word and when the parents download the app and shop we receive a check each month. It takes almost no effort on our end.”
- Dave Zimmer, School Finance Director