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The easiest way to raise funds fast

Simply invite your families to use the Benefit app when shopping at their favorite participating retailers. When they do, a percentage of every transaction goes to support your school. It’s as easy as a credit card and safer than a wallet! They shop. You win.

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Spread the word! We’ll do the rest.

No more counting cash and handling inventory, no more recruiting volunteers. and no more door-door-sales. With Benefit all you do is sign up your school, create a campaign, set a targeted money goal, and invite families to download and use the free mobile app.
Did we mention that it’s all free!

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Management & Reporting

Set up campaigns, invite supporters, and use the free backed tool to monitor the campaign’s progress. See the complete picture, with interactive reporting. Track your transaction history, view most recent deposits, and quickly see where your supporters like to shop the most.

The world’s first mobile SCRIP tool

Similar to the Scrip fundraising model, donations are made by purchasing retailer gift cards and using them for everyday shopping. But that’s where the similarities end. When families have the power to buy and redeem cards within the actual stores from their phone it starts to look very different. Add in balance tracking, donation updates, and interactive reporting, and you have a completely innovative fundraising approach.

See our full retailer list
  • Gap
  • IHOP
  • Banana Republic
  • Applebee's
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • JC Penny
  • American Airlines
  • Amazon

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If you’re tired of door-to-door sales, giant coupon books, and bake sales we invite you to try something new. There is no cost and no commitment. Just spread the word and we’ll do the rest.