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Your customers matter.

You have customers and you have employees. But acquiring them is only half the battle. Retaining them is where businesses are won. Benefit delivers a number of solutions through our mobile platform to mobile enable loyalty, rewards, offers, and more. We put your brand front and center of the everyday shopping experience and at the point reward.

See How Benefit Helps See the app in action!

Brand you Benefit app

How it Works

1 Download your app

Customers and employees download your branded app.

2 Pay with your app

Your customers and employees use your app to checkout at hundreds of national and local retailers.

How to earn with Benefit Mobile

3 Create Loyalty

With each purchase your users can earn loyalty points, rewards, cash back, or support a non-profit.

4 Reporting

Track your customers and their earnings. Continue to engage and reward through the app.

So what businesses use Benefit?

Any organization that values customer retention and rewards is a perfect candidate for Benefit. But here are a few...

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Give your members another reason to remain loyal to your brand. With each purchase your brand is front and center.

College Loan Originators

College Loan Originators

Fund the things that make this world a better place. Support a local or national non-profit.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Credit Unions pay on average $400 per customer to acquire. Let us help you keep them.

Life Expense

Maybe Yours?

Whether it’s a mortgage bill, insurance premium or car payment, when you choose to support life expense the check comes back to you each month.

Join the mobile wallet revolution.